When you have an old AC unit from an old building or if you are just replacing your own, you may not know where to take your old unit.

HVAC systems come in different shapes and sizes. And most have to be pulled from your home or business with a crane.

You know you won’t want one of these broken systems taking up room. Whether you have AC units or Heaters, we have ways of recycling them. Of course, you will get credit for your unit depending on the weight of the unit, so make sure you call the professionals to help you make money and recycle.


Discounted rate on 30lb bottles of R22 refrigerant.


Freon sold by our company complies with AHRI standards and is tested by a lab to ensure its purity.


Half pallet and full pallet discounts available.

R22 Freon

All Freon is sold in new DOT-39 approved cylinders. EPA type 608 card is required to purchase Freon.


We offer a FREE 30 lb. and 50 lb. recovery tank exchange.

Bottle Exchange

Simply bring in your filled recovery tanks and receive the same amount of empty tanks in return.


We pickup old Residential or Commercial HVAC System.

HVAC System Removal

Our Team will show up on-site to help remove and clean up the old unit.