Copper State Pricing

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As a scrap company, we are willing to take most of your metal scrap even if it comes in the form of electric motors, hot water heaters, aluminum cans, car batteries, or radiators.  Or if you have the raw metals then that would be even better.  We take everything from copper, tin, stainless steel to iron.

We also offer the highest weekly prices in the industry due to the fact that we cut out brokers.  That means we deal directly with our local steel companies and overseas clients to make sure there are NO MIDDLE MEN to worry about.  If you are looking to get the best prices for your scrap in the greater Metro Phoenix Area, there is no better place than Copper State Metals!

If you have a quantity that is over half a ton (1000 lbs), make sure to call for pricing.  Depending on the quality, quantity and market conditions, all prices are subject to change.